Featured Tarot Card: Ace of Pentacles (Deck Sharman Casseli) - click here to read the full article

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

General :

The Ace of Pentacles is representative of new beginnings, fresh energy, and inspiration. In this case, the suit is equivalent to the alchemical element of Earth, and therefore symbolize the material world and things associated with matter and the body. It also represents money and the financial concerns that you may have at the time of your reading. Thus, the Ace of Pentacles indicates the beginning of new energy and revitalised interest in the material or financial areas of your life. This card may represent the beginning of new investments or the willingness to undertake a new business venture. There is also the possible indication of a legacy or influx of money from an unexpected source. The Ace of Pentacles heralds a feeling of prosperity and abundance and should be accepted joyfully. It is a very positive card in general.

This card is symbolic of wealth, not just in the financial sense but also in a more holistic sense. You may see new opportunities come your way to generate a new source of income, or you may be lucky enough to receive a financial gift or windfall. On a broader level, this Ace indicates abundance in all areas of your life and a general feeling that you are indeed blessed and deserving of everything that comes your way. Operate by the Law of Attraction, and send out positive energy into the Universe so that you may receive abundance in return.

The Ace of Pentacles is about manifestation of your goals, and that you are moving into a more positive state of mind about what you are capable of achieving. Your ideas are ready to be turned into something tangible. Figure out what will work and make it a reality. This card sees you starting to map out how exactly you will achieve your goals, by creating targeted action plans and getting those actions underway. There are opportunities that are becoming available to you that will help you to manifest your goals and realise your inner potential, whilst at the same time generate some level of income and financial support. You are beginning to see that the world is indeed your oyster and that through careful planning, you can manifest your true goals and desires.

The Ace of Pentacles can suggest that we need to introduce something new into the equation. Rather than let things remain as they are, and hope they work themselves out, it suggests you throw something new into the mix. Consider something that is out-of-character or something you might not ordinarily do, or get around to doing. For instance, you might consider joining a club, taking a class to learn new skills or maybe even picking up a couple of books to learn how to build a new business.


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